Our Team

Our beginnings were humble... and we carry that with us in everything we do today.  Our salon started as an addition to a photography studio.  The start was simple, hair and makeup touch-ups for senior pictures.  Shortly after establishing what was a storage room for touch-ups, Incognito turned into a quaint little 730 square foot salon.  We have now grown into a 2,200 square salon and each stage of this expansion has been overseen by me, Jill-owner, hairstylist, educator and mom.  To this day we offer great hair, skin and nail services to many of our original clients from 1995.


Jill Weaver - Owner / Stylist

I know you have many choices when deciding where to go for salon and spa services, so we do not take for granted anyone that walks through our doors.  We respect your time and your investment in the services we are providing.  I have been a hair stylist for 27 years, and have been the owner of Incognito for the past 17 years.  Becoming an owner was important to me, because it meant I could run my business in a way that would always be customer-focused.  That means we guarantee you will be happy with whatever service we offer.  It also means, I personally oversee every aspect of the salon and spa to ensure you receive the best possible experience.
This isn't just a business to me...it's my passion.  I spent ten years as a haircare and hair color educator.  And while I am very proud of receiving the "Educator of the Year" award at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles, I am more proud of the team I have put together at Incognito to serve you.  Our team of talented stylists and spa professionals share a passion of providing our clients a relaxing world-class experience.
Thank you for trusting us with your business!
Jill Weaver, Owner


Annie Lerwill - Salon Manager & Brazilian Wax Specialist

Having both an Esthetics and Cosmetology license, she was working in California for the past 13 years before relocating to Spokane, WA. If she’s not in the salon helping people achieve their goal of hairless skin and beautiful eyebrows, she enjoys traveling, advanced education of all kinds and spending time with her pets.

Alison Ryan - Stylist & Lash Artist

With almost 4 years of experience under her belt, she is a level 3 stylist with a passion for balayage. Her work-life balance consists of busy days at the salon and relaxed nights at home with her son, Jaxson.

Hannah Bowles - Stylist & Microblader

As a level one stylist, she loves all things cuts & color with an emphasis on men’s grooming. When not devoting herself to practicing her craft you can find her eating pizza with her husband and hanging out with her two cats.

Kaitlyn Hughes - Stylist & Rainbow hair expert

Newly graduated, she is currently going through the associate program and eager to become a rainbow hair specialist. With a love of foils and updo’s she is developing into a well-rounded hairdresser.

Claire Wallis - esthetician & Lash Artist

Cosmetologist turned Esthetician, she has a passion for beauty, skin wellness and bridal make-up. If you can’t find her in the salon helping clients, you can find her finishing up her Esthetics license to bring the best skin care knowledge to her clients.


Jodi - Nail Specialist

A natural nail specialist with 15 years experience, Jodi loves to help keep your nails natural, strong and healthy. Outside of the salon, you can find her spending time with family or enjoying time in nature.